You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

We are in the home stretch now—only ten days before Rose’s wedding and reception at our house. And I’m thinking I should go check myself in to a hospital somewhere.

My dog woke me up at four this morning with an urgent need to go outside. So outside she goes and I see that all the lights are on in the basement. So I go down there and discover Brianna’s boyfriend laying on the couch watching TV and all of his personal belongings are stacked up all over the family room. Turns out he’s been kicked out of his house and he has nowhere to go. He is only 16! Can parents legally kick out their child at that age? He’s not even an adult, so he can’t get an apartment even if he had money and a job. He has neither. He doesn’t have his driver’s license or a car. I understand that he’s desperately in need of help, but I’m not the one who can give him that help! I don’t even know who to call to get him help.

I’ve known for a while that his home situation was pretty ugly. In fact, almost every time he shows up at his house his stepfather beats him up. A couple of times the police have been called, but the stepfather and the boy’s mother always tell the police that the boy started the fight. I’ve never witnessed the fights so I can’t say who started it. But who is the adult here? And if they don’t want the boy with them anymore, don’t they have an obligation to find a place for him? Or am I just living in a sheltered world with my rose-colored glasses?

I’ve got enough problems trying to get Brianna on a better life path. I can’t take on another messed up teen!

If that’s not enough…I received a call from Emily, my daughter who never wants to talk to me unless she needs something. She has a cyst on her wrist that has grown and is now pinching a nerve and she’s in a lot of pain and her arm is weak and nearly nonfunctional. Her doctor has scheduled surgery for Tuesday of next week, just days before the wedding. I completely agree that this cyst needs to be removed, and I’m glad that she’s on top of the situation. But I’m not thrilled that I’m the one she is asking to be with her for the surgery and recovery. She never wants to talk to me. We argue all the time. I have out-of-town guests arriving on Tuesday night, more on Wednesday night, and more on Thursday night! I asked Emily if she would check in with her dad to see if he could be with her and she refused to ask him. “He’s totally unreliable, Mom, and he can’t remember anything these days. I need someone with me who I can trust to listen to the doctor’s instructions.” Interesting. I’ll take that as a left-handed compliment.

Rose and I went and picked up her wedding dress last night. The alterations are perfect and she is so thrilled with her dress. That’s a positive! We had a chance to get caught up on the strange RSVPs that have been received in the last few days. Several are from people who were not on the invitation list. After talking it through, Rose came to the conclusion that the “extra” invitations she gave to her future mother-in-law for scrapbooking were not saved and instead were mailed out. How fun!

The photographer we had lined up for the wedding has cancelled.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve developed a pain in my right foot. It’s like a burning sensation and it kept waking me up all during the night. I put ice on it this morning thinking that would relieve the pain, but it hasn’t helped. What is that all about?

And added to personal stuff, the company I work for did a reorganization and some reporting structures have changed. None of the changes affected me personally, and I’m glad about that. But the changes have impacted several of the people I interact with on a daily basis and they are not happy campers. One woman is so angry that her body language is shouting loudly to anyone who looks at her. Yesterday she made a very snide remark to me in a meeting and I let it go. Later on my boss mentioned it to me and he attempted to apologize for her. I just nodded my head.

I took all of next week off of work to get ready for Rose’s wedding. It frustrates me that I am having to use precious vacation time for this purpose, when I feel that I really need to get away from the chaos in my life and take a real vacation. Well, there’s no money for that anyway. And my week off of work will allow me to do everything I need to do as a mom to give Rose a special wedding day. I trust it will all come together and I have faith that it will be the special day Rose wants.

But in this moment, I have to problem solve the situation with this newcomer who’s moved into my basement. I’m almost afraid to ask, what is next?


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