I’ll Have What She’s Having

For those of us old enough to know the movie When Harry Met Sally, we all know what Sally was having in the diner and what caused the older woman to ask for the same thing. It’s so easy to look at other relationships and see the good, shining moments, and want that for ourselves.dance

I’m working on a novel about family relationships and it’s been causing me to think about my relationships with nearly everyone in my life. Last week, I posed a question to my connections on Facebook:

If you and your spouse/partner were given the news that one of you—but you don’t know which one—will not be alive to see the next new year’s, what would you change in your life today?

About a half dozen people answered with specific things they would do differently. Some answers were typical—I’d quit my job and we’d travel the world. One person, who is about ten years into a second marriage, didn’t give an answer. Instead she thanked me for reminding her that each day is a gift and we should treat our spouse royally every day. That was the last answer I received.

Sometimes we don’t need to order what the other person is having.


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