Holding the Last Straw

Imagine you come across this scene: Standing on the side of the road is a woman and next to her is a bare-backed camel. On the road lays a disheveled pile of straw. In one of her hands, the woman holds one piece of straw.

Scenario1: The woman was searching for a needle in the bale of straw. She looked through the entire bale and didn’t find it. Perhaps she is trying to decide if she should look through the pile one more time in case she overlooked it, or if she should give up.

Scenario 2: The woman thought she and the camel would be strong enough to carry the bale of straw. But alas, she took on too much and she now holds the one piece of straw that caused the whole bale to come down in a mess.

Scenario 3: The woman stopped to relieve herself and the camel, out of frustration and/or impatience, shook off the bale of straw it was carrying.

No matter the scenario, call for help. The woman is going to need you and several others to help her re-bale the straw and put the camel back in the barn.