Progress Update

We have scorching heat in our state this week and my thoughts are with my daughter, Kate. She is at 37 weeks in her pregnancy and their house does not have air conditioning. She is feeling well, just tired from the heat and the weight of the baby. Bags are packed, lists are written, and they’re ready. Even their three-year-old Eve is ready for her role as big sister.

Rose has recovered from her car–bike accident. Her recovery is remarkable and I give thanks often. She had a CT scan last week and the broken bone in her wrist has healed. She has had no more side effects from the concussion and considers herself healed. She and Al still have some work to do together, but there is hope today that wasn’t there three months ago.

Emily has purchased her plane ticket and is headed to Grenada at the end of the year for veterinarian school. I still can’t believe it’s happening, and every time she calls I wait for the words “I’m not going” but I never hear them. This week she is in intensive practice and drills for a world championship competition for drum and bugle corps. This will be her last performance ever she tells me. I’ve heard that before.

Last of my four, but by far the least, an update on Brianna. In the last six months she has made tremendous progress and is consistently making good choices and finding her way in her adult life. She has taken and passed two thirds of the tests required for GED and has plans to take the remaining tests in the coming weeks. She has scored in the 90th percentile on each test so far and yet still struggles with believing in herself. She started a new job about two weeks ago, a “Monday to Friday” job she calls it. She found it on her own, went through two rounds of interviews, and was offered the job. I am so proud of all she is doing to step into the real world. Maybe she finally found the maturity switch in her brain. Now if she could just see what a wonderful and talented person she is.

My summer has been uneventful, and I’m thrilled with that. Now that Labor Day is upon us, I am feeling some guilt that I didn’t accomplish more. But I had promised myself a quiet and stress-free summer as a reward for how hectic last summer was. Given the alternative, I’ll take peaceful and low drama whenever it comes. My husband has dealt with some health issues this summer, but he’s on a good course now. He’s feeling so much better and has energy!

My two step daughters have had busy, crazy summers but we’ve followed them only on Facebook. We had hoped to see them but they have not come our way and my husband refuses to go to them. “It’s time for them to come to me,” he’s offered up several times. I hope they don’t wait too long.

My creative muse has been hiding in the shadows the last few months, silently listening and taking in events of the world, happenings in our family, stirrings in the atmosphere. I suspect once the weather turns a little cooler and “back to school” structure returns to society, the muse will find her voice again. I’m ready.


One thought on “Progress Update

  1. Great post! Lots of positives in there. I think my creative muse has been hanging out with yours! Hope to see it again soon. Here’s to a very creative and productive autumn for us both!

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