November Thanks #8 | A Gift Sweet, Salty, Sipped

A thirty-day exercise in pausing, reflecting, appreciating, and giving thanks for simple things.

I knew eventually I would have to make a confession while also giving thanks, and today’s the day. I do not like sweet and salty things, except caramel corn, and I don’t like anything salty to drink. I’ve been trying to come up with a gift that would fit the description of “sweet, salty, sipped” and I keep drawing a blank. I even did a Google search of “sweet, salty drink” and everything that came up pointed to margaritas or some other drinks of very questionable names. This is where the big GONG noise comes in or the BUZZER to indicate a wrong answer.

Does this mean I’m not giving thanks today? Absolutely not. Does this mean I’m not focusing on the true purpose of this exercise, which is to stop and notice the small things in life? No, it doesn’t mean that. As a matter of fact, I just had a good laugh all to myself and I thought I would share it.

I live in Minnesota and today the weather people are frightening us into a frenzied panic with a forecast predicting 4 inches of snow, then updated to 8 inches, and just now the amounts are 6 to 10 inches of snow. All this is supposed to begin late Sunday night and continue all through the day and night on Monday, finally ending on Tuesday morning. Well, I’m not a government employee so I don’t have Monday off of work (in observance of Veteran’s Day). It’s not going to be a fun commute. It’s the first snow storm of the season, which is bad in and of itself, but it will be a nightmare since there is that much snow coming. But it all depends on if the weather forecasters are accurate and they are only 50 percent of the time. So maybe we’ll have a huge snowstorm, maybe we won’t. But I’ve gotten off topic.

When winter is on our doorstep, we Minnesotans get prepared. And one of those things is to make sure our cars have a full tank of gas and the windshield washer fluid is full and the battery cables are cleaned for a good connection. Not to mention making sure you have a blanket in the car and a winter survival kit. Did I mention the weather people get us all worked up about these things?

Anyway, when a big snowstorm or super cold temps come along, people’s cars don’t always start. So it’s a common experience to hear the neighbor woman next door yell out to her husband, “Let me know if you need a jump.”


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