“There’s been a development.”

My experience has been such that whenever you hear those words, something not good is about to happen. Makes me think of Apollo 13. Bush v Gore. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Okay, yes, I admit it. I’m trending a little melodramatic at the moment.

In the last month I’ve been interviewing for a job that at first I didn’t want and now I want the job and I want to start it next week. This past week I had a great in-person interview session with several people and all indications were that I had done well and that I would proceed to the next step. Even the HR contact indicated as much to me. So I dropped my rose-colored glasses today when I received an email telling me that a last-minute candidate has been added to the mix. They will be interviewing that person on Tuesday and making a final decision on Wednesday. What happened to the next step of traveling to the headquarters for an all-day interview session?

Life is what happened. Reality.

It’s so hard for me sometimes to dream and wish. It’s so easy to fall into the fantasy that those dreams provide. And the slap in the face when reality strikes is just too harsh, too disappointing, too painful.

I’m grateful that I’m still in consideration. Perhaps it was healthy to have a forced reset on my expectations. Hopefully I can let go of my frustration and impatience and find a way to hold positive thoughts a few more days.


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