That’s What It’s All About!

With eight days behind me on my new job, I am still smiling. I used to deal with nearly 300 emails every day. Today I received five. I used to deal with bullies and an inattentive (disrespectful, condescending) boss and disengaged co-workers. None of those players are on my new team. I can physically feel less stress, and I am sleeping much better. I knew my old job was toxic but I had no idea how bad it really was until I had walked away. I think I just saved my life, or at least added another ten years.

Ever since the beginning of the Great Recession when I lost my dream job, I’ve been trying to get back into a similar role. I’m not back in that role yet, but I’m much closer. This work is my passion and it shows. While working today, three hours passed in what seemed like thirty minutes. I was having so much fun!

My husband is thrilled too. I used to come home and vent for no less than a half hour each day. Now when I walk in the door, we have a quick check-in. “What’s for dinner? What’s new?” It’s a wonderful conversation. There’s no stress driving me to the liquor cabinet. And my husband doesn’t have to brace himself for another download of crap. I feel like I have added another chapter to my life’s book on survival.

It took seven long years to get back to this peaceful spot, a number with biblical importance. I want to believe the “plague” of a poor job is behind me and I am now going to enjoy a nice run of prosperity and solitude. It’s a nice thought, one I haven’t had the courage to think about in a long time.

Just as the Brooks and Dunn song says,

Hey, that’s what it’s all about

Hey, this is the life I couldn’t live without

No, I couldn’t live without

It’s a moment frozen there in time

When the reasons all begin to rhyme

Where loves a little bigger and you finally start figurin’ out

That’s what it’s all about